Professional Data Recovery

Mor-Tech Computer Services has partnered with East Anglian Data Recovery to provide our customers the flexible services of recovering their lost data. Whether your hard drive has died, your USB stick or your server, East Anglian Data Recovery are likely able to recover your data.
Data Recovery Ipswich
Desktop Recovery

Desktop hard disk drives can fail for many reasons and most do not handle shocks very well.

Laptop Recovery

Have you dropped a Laptop? Spilt a drink on it? Or is it just not seeing your Hard Disk Drive anymore?

Server Recovery

Whether it’s your home NAS / DAS Drive or Corporate Server that has failed, we have a whole host of specialist tools and experience to assist you.

Flash Drive Recovery

Not all data is stored in a desktop or laptop ‘Hard Disk’ format. Here at EADR are also able to recover data from items such as USB Flash drives, SD Cards, DVDs, Smartcards etc.

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