IT Infrastructure: How to prepare for the ‘New Norm’.

Mor-Tech takes a look at how having a robust IT infrastructure in place can support your business in the ever-changing competitive landscape.

As restrictions ease in the wake of COVID-19, more employers are strategising about how to adapt to new working regulations. Practical guidelines have been issued by the government to help ensure workplaces are as safe as possible to give people the confidence to go back to work. However, a recent study suggests around 74% of business finance leaders have predicted that they may move their previously on-site workforce to more permanently remote positions post-COVID 19. If this is the case, where does your IT infrastructure fit into these plans? 

Whether you’re continuing to work remotely or are implementing a structured return to work, having a robust and efficient IT infrastructure system in place is essential. Here are Mor-Tech’s tips on how you can ensure that your working environment is streamlined, productive and most importantly, safe.

Cyber security: Staying safe
Cyber criminals are capitalising on confusion and uncertainty as we all adjust to new ways of doing business. According to Action Fraud there has been a 50% global increase in cyberattacks in March 2020. Home networks open a whole new opportunity for scammers and cyber criminals who can easily gain access to information with insecure Wi-Fi networks. More phishing emails pretending to be from government bodies or organisations are targeting people who are looking for advice during this unprecedented time, with many opening attachments and therefore compromising their IT security. 

Although the security landscape has changed since COVID-19, Mor-Tech can support your business. Whether your team are working in an office environment or working remotely, we give you the peace of mind that your IT systems benefit from the very latest cyber security protection software, Bitdefender and GravityZone.

By identifying any areas of weakness, we can tighten security in areas where it’s needed and put in place systems that offer the very best protection available. Whilst no system is completely bullet-proof, making it as hard as possible for cyber criminals to operate is crucial during this challenging time. 

Cloud Solutions
The ability to work anywhere and not just the office has been essential over the last couple of months. Cloud hosting providers are more equipped and experienced in dealing with cyber attacks. They offer better protection of their servers than many on-site options, making them a valuable resource for any business. 

Whether you are a start-up business to enterprises with offices all over East Anglia, we understand that it can be a bit of a minefield when looking at Cloud solutions, so let us help you to implement the right cloud platform and solution for your needs. 

IT Support: 24/7 Remote Monitoring, Disaster & Data Recovery
Having a professional, knowledgeable and reliable IT infrastructure is worth its weight in gold when the computer says no!

The next few months are likely to see many IT challenges – whether its migrating people back to the office and getting re-established to internal networks or continuation of working from home, a robust IT support team can take the headache out of any issues that may arise. 

We offer monthly or quarterly on-site visits, server and workstation health checks, back-ups and virus software solutions to ensure your IT infrastructure is always fully up to date and secure. 

Clean your tech!
Phones and laptops can often harbour more bacteria than a toilet set, so be sure to clean your tech at the end of every day – whether you’re at home or at the office. Consider using a sanitiser that not only cleans your phone/computer, but also creates germ repellent protective coating. A favourite of ours is LiquidProtection, which kills a wide variety of pathogens, lasts up to 10 days and is suitable for all tech from computer screens to mobile phones.

For more advice on implementing an IT Infrastructure that will support ever-changing business needs, please feel free to chat with a member of our team directly. Alternatively, give us a follow on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to see what our team are up to.