Introducing our new Ticket System

IT Support Tickets Ipswich

We have just officially launched our new ticketing system which aims to help our customers stay updated on the progress of their support request and we really think you will like it. After numerous years of steady growth at Mor-Tech and debating whether we should go down this route, we decided the benefits outweigh the cons and have implemented our new ticketing system.

Our primary aim has always been to resolve issues the moment we received a call or email but sometimes it’s nice to be able to see the progress not only on our end but for the customers as well. We still believe in answering a call and resolving an issue there and then, this is something our customers have always loved about Mor-Tech however, sometimes things do need a little time to resolve and this is where the ticketing system will shine.

Top Features


When you email it will create a ticket on our system. If you are a customer already setup on our ticketing system, it will assign this to your user account automatically. You will receive a notification that the ticket has been created and when we reply or update anything on the ticket and once completed, you will receive a notification for this too.

Email Support

With our new system, all you need to do is simply email us at and our system takes care of the rest. It will read your email and anything attached and we can see this.

Note: We plan to implement a portal in the future where you can directly create a ticket through the website and see past and previous tickets.

These are just a few features of our new ticketing system with more to come in the future. Why not give it a try and email if you have any problems!