IT Support and Consultancy

We offer a wide range of IT consultancy services from infrastructure design right through to installation and support. We like to work closely with your business enabling us to understand what exactly it is you do. The start of any project is understanding. With this being our main focus we can provide you with an IT professional to give you our expert advice that will help you make the right decision that fits your business needs.

 Once we understand the way your business runs and the goals you are trying to achieve, we then look into the existing systems, how they operate, what is effective and what improvements are required. When we have this knowledge we will offer a few options clearly showing the advantages / disadvantages for all.  This way our clients can feel more at ease and confident they are making the correct business decision.  

 We are a very trustworthy team at Mor-Tech and we pride ourselves on this. We do not just sell solutions to clients for the sake of making profits. We look to build long lasting relationships, help build and develop your IT infrastructure, which in turn will help your business grow. 

Business Computer Support in Suffolk