Hosted Exchange

As a business professional you're under pressure to cut costs, streamline your business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making yourself more available to clients and colleagues.

Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service and business efficiency by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share wherever you are and whenever you need to.

Microsoft Office Exchange Installation Ipswich
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Exchange 2013 and 2016
  • Instant deployment
  • Massive 50GB per mailbox
  • Enhanced security
  • Mobile email ‘push’ technology
  • No upgrades or repairs
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Easy mailbox control
  • Public folders and subfolders
  • Instant scalability
  • Multiple UK Based Data Centres
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • Hosted File Backup

Signature Hosted Exchange

As a business, you are likely to have a lot of email. With our signature hosted exchange platform, we are able to offer customers 50GB of starting storage and can increase this within minutes if you reach your capacity.

Exchange Mailbox

Exchange 2016 with 50GB of starting storage at a competitive price, including email support.


We can provide Outlook with your Exchange Email for an additional monthly cost, saving you having to purchase a full office license.


We can move your current mailbox over to our hosted exchange mailboxes, giving you a hassle free headache.

Calendar and Contacts

If you are running a business that shares their calendar and contacts, we can sync this service between your mailboxes.

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